Case Study

An existing Courtyard in the Christchurch suburb of Sumner

Small site (11x4m) uninspiring sterile and boring.

Clients brief:

  • Work within the existing confines of the established paving, but were required to soften and change its harsh lines and overall appearance.
  • To create a courtyard oasis, private and tranquil with luxuriant foliage, a place to escape, relax and be at one with nature.

Solution / benefits:

  • Create two  separate yet flowing  areas, this division was in  principle achieved with planting
  • Using lots of items e.g. carefully selecting furniture and accent items, interest and intrigue was created.
  • Dappled shade and overhead cover was achieved by planting and large umbrella.
  • Intrigue and mystery was achieved by screening or filtering views by strategically siting carefully chosen objects and plants.
  • Tranquillity and coolness, punctuated by the dramatic has been successfully achieved, using a combination of layered luxuriant green foliage and striking architectural forms of planting.
  • Careful placement of pots double as accent pieces, whilst also providing visitors an informal meandering pathway link from the street to the front door.
  • What was once a harsh sterile space of acute straight lines and openness has been transformed into a soft flowing peaceful place.

“A beautiful tranquil haven has been created right in the heart of a busy seaside suburb. Now an inviting place to relax and contemplate” 

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