Planning Consent

Planning application and resource consent matters

Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture is very passionate about the planning process of any project... Commercial landscape design is an interesting area to work in; it has a unique criterion given that many of the works in commercial environs are a site specific, being a mix of larger and smaller projects with such diversity requires the skill of a professional to ensure the specific brief of a project is achieved. We have a wealth of over 30 year experience to draw on to ensure a project meets all the objectives.

Design plans are a fantastic way to incorporate all the things required and economically make relevant change if necessary and preventing costly hold ups during the planning, build and construction process. The final objective is to derive all the financial and aesthetic benefits that result from using a landscape professional.  

At David Taylor Landscape Architecture we plan and design outdoor spaces, environments and gardens for Commercial developments:
  • Schools
  • Early Child care centres etc
  • Subdivisions
  • Office and warehouse developments
  • Retirement complexes
  • Motels and Apartments etc

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Resource and planning applications

A Landscape plan is often part of a requirement that forms an integral part of the overall resource consent. It's important to take the landscape design through all the stages e.g. initial process of the Concept Plan/preliminary process through to a final landscape plan.

If you are required to submit a plan for resource consent then you are required also to implement the garden in accordance with the plan. You will more than likely be monitored to ensure you have complied with the plan so it is very important that you get this right!

After all consents have been given, we are happy to provide a written quotation for any of the work that requires completion. We have a team and the resources to do any landscape and construction work required to build your project.

Simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us on Ph: 03 325 2404 to have a chat or make an appointment for us to come out and see you on site.