Case Study

An existing Courtyard in the Christchurch suburb in the heart of Merivale

The site was small (9x4m) was lacking privacy was uninspiring and lacked any feature or interest … summary, boring!

Clients Brief:

  • The garden must make the house feel more spacious. The house interior dimensions  are small, total floor are only 70m2
  • The garden must optimize indoor outdoor flow
  • The garden must be interesting and private
  • Maximise all available space
  • Create a restful oasis
  • Garden must cater for at least up to 6 dinner guests

Solution / benefits:

  • Semi -divide the one long narrow space into two different size areas, making the area feel wider. We did this by incorporating two wooden screens.
  • We connected the interior and exterior of the house by using large plain grey 600x600 concrete pavers. These pavers visually linked with the 600x600 white tiles used in the entry/kitchen tying the indoors and outdoors together.
  • Paving now comes right up to the house, providing an immediate connection, reinforcing the link between the indoors and outdoors.
  • The use of wooden Macrocarpa sleeper laid cross ways dividing the two paved areas created width to the narrowly proportioned site.
  • Adding interest and soothing tranquillity by incorporating a water feature and sculpture as focal points.
  • Framed, yet softened the structured line of the garden by contrasting strong architectural plants with mass planting simple green to soften and screen neighbouring properties.
  • Created a number of areas to sit within the small garden, offering its inhabitants a calm, warm sheltered place of contemplation.

“This cosy courtyard oasis has great dynamic’s… offering such a lot from such a small space, now provides the owners a welcome escape from the busy modern world outside”

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